Adventure Box

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  • Minecraft like browser game
  • Pure sandbox voxel-based MMO
  • Numerous structures to build



Adventure Box is an upcoming free to play sandbox web browser game by Happy L-Lord Studios. Player will be able to create and explore voxel based worlds. Just like Minecraft, the game is being developed by an independent Swedish Studio with lots of experience developing Voxel based games. Adventure Box also features multiplayer co-op modes where they can invite other players to help loot or build their world. The game is set to be released on PC-Browser in 2015 and a planned release for mobile devices as well.

In Adventure Box, players will start in a world covered in darkness. Players must build, loot and strengthen their hero in order for them to expand their empire. Controls are basic W A S D movement, space to jump, shift to sprint. Like most city-building game, Adventure Box lets players customize how their world is designed. Adventure Box also plans to have mods in-game made by the community to further enhance content gameplay.


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