The Most Complicated Browser Game in the World

The most complicated browser game

Urban Dictionary defines trolling as “Being a prick on the internet because you can.” While this usually refers to individuals on the internet slandering others, I may have found a way to expand the definition of what a troll can be, which in this case, is making something extremely complicated to other people for no reason. That is precisely what the company 37Games has managed to do by releasing one of the most complicated games I have ever played, Dragon Atlas.

DA is a free-to-play online medieval fantasy game where you recruit mercenaries and dragons to fight by your side while battling your way through the world of Ymir. While this concept may sound simple, the developers managed to complicate it to epic levels. Rather than explaining it, I think it would be better just to show you some in-game snapshots along with some crazy facts.

Dragon Atlas Troll There are an absurd amount of usable icons on the home page

Dragon Atlas Menu Icons

Dragon Atlas Troll2 There are 14 different currencies in this game with Gold Coins being the most… Abundant

Dragon Atlas Currency

Dragon Atlas Troll3 There are 3000+ items in total in this game.

<Dragon Atlas Items

Dragon Atlas Troll4 Some of the items have expiration dates

Dragon Atlas Item Expiration

Dragon Atlas Troll5 Team bounty combat mode… At least I can see my dragon (sort of)

<Dragon Atlas Team Bounty

There are over a dozen mini side-games with some side-games containing many more side-games such as the Maze

Dragon Atlas Mini Games
Dragon Atlas Mini Games2

The time of development for this game is insane. While World of Warcraft took nearly ten years to develop, the Dragon Atlas developers have managed to create something nearly a quarter of the size in less than a year from conceptualizing the idea to releasing the game. Although, the tactic seemed to just be “let‘s take Tetris, Candy Crush, Poker, Blackjack, Puzzle and Dragons, add them into a game and see what happens.”

You still don’t believe us? Check out the chaotic gameplay below!

Dragon Atlas Play If You Dare


  1. i have a high level character there and yes,the game is very complex,there are hundreds of quests you can’t even keep track of anymore, thousands of different items you need to manage. This game is not for the “noob”

  2. I am not so sure If this is good or bad. Typical browser games nowadays tend to be cluttered with icons all over the place that points to their item mall.But Dragon Atlas at least has some useful, game related icons which I find really useful.

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