League of Angels: Fire Raiders

League of Angels Fire Raiders


League of Angels: Fire Raiders is a Free-to-Play fantasy MMORPG by GTArcade available on Android and iOS. Players can form their own band of brave heroes and mighty angels to repel an invading army of demons and monsters.


  • Publisher: GTArcade
  • Developer: GTArcade
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Android, iOS
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • File Size: 146MB
  • PvP: Yes
  • Cash Shop: Yes


League of Angels -Fire Raiders is a side scroll MMORPG by GTArcade. This game is available in iOS and Android and is
considered one of the best phone games of 2015. I could’nt disagree with this. This game has a really good chibby anime graphics and more1 Let me point out the
things that makes this game one of the best of 2015.

Unlike most copy-paste MMORPG apps, LoA, orignally a browser mmorpg, and also based in the same universe, has its own destinct hero designs.
There are 3 Classes to choose from: WARRIOR (Frontline), MAGE (MIDDLE), ARCHERS (REAR). And although this isn’t something new, the fast-paced strategic combat
adds a fluid, user-friendly feel to its gameplay which makes every battle exciting. The game has many heroes that can be unlocked using soulstones,
players can earn hero soulstones by doing “Adventure Elite” Modes or through the game’s cash shop using blue diamonds, by participating in the Arena PVP where players earn arena points used to purchase additional soulstones.

Angels and Soulstones
In League of Angels Fire Raiders, players have angel companions who can can boost attack, increase HP, and defense of the team. Players can have a maximum of 6 members composed of 5 heroes and 1 angel, as opposed to other RPG’s which has a limit of 5. The game has a total of 16 Angels for players to choose from, each with its own set of skills and maximum level cap with the highest being lvl 85. Players can unlock more powerful angels using angel soulstones which can be earned by completing some daily quests or by purchasing them from the “Angel Trial Shop” using Angel Trail Points.

Groups and Guilds
The game encourages players to work together, by joining a guild, players receive additional daily rewards such as rune stones, gold, and many more. Players can group up to participate in Cross-Server Group Battles. The game has guild camp where you can send 2 of your best heroes for the guild member to hire as mercenaries. Heroes camping earn golds. You may also host/attend a feast with other guild members in the feast hall using blue diamonds, this will give you rare soulstones, experience potion and gold. Golds are very important in this game, you use them to level up your heroes and angel’s skills.

Cash Shop
League of Angels: Fire Raiders uses “Blue Diamonds” as the game’s premium currency. Blue diamond can be earned from daily quest and of course you can buy them using real money.

Overall, League of Angels: Fire Raiders hits all the right aspects of a true MMORPG. It is refreshing to see a mobile MMORPG which offers a more in-depth gameplay features.




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