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Elune Saga is a combination of RPG and strrategy, the game features turn-based combat with strong fluid battle mechanics. Elune Saga is a free fantasy App game for Android and iOS devices developed by Gamevil. In Elune Saga, players take the role of a young man on his path to destroy the “Tainted Souls” – evil creatures that spawned from the dark rift.

Players will begin their journey with a short introduction about the world of Astoria – a once peaceful land plagued by the “tainted souls’ from the dark rift. Elune Saga features a “soul binding” system that lets players summon souls. Binded Souls increases a character’s statistics and lets players use the Soul’s skills in battle. Elemental attributes: fire, water, earth and wind are also huge factors in battles, some monsters are weak VS a certain element.

In Elune Saga, players can recruit mercenaries from the inn, summon souls or engage in PVP combat VS other players. Gameplay in Elune Saga can be limited if you ran out of energy points which is consumed everytime a player enters a dungeon. Elune Saga, like most RPG app games out now, is a combination of RPG and strategy. Battle gameplay is turn-based with options to automate or manually select enemy targets.


  • RPG/ Strategy Hybrid – Strategic collaboration between RPG battles and Soul cards
  • A vast variety of souls to collect – Over 200 Souls, each with their own exciting skill
  • Dynamic battles – Experience the different types of battles through the different combinations of Souls
  • Strategy elements – Fun and strategic gameplay based on the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water
  • Rich content – An abundance of content: Arenas, Dungeons, PVP, and Adventures

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    Requires: Android2.3 and up
    Size: 41MB

    Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
    Size: 88.0 MB
    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
    This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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