Dragon Nest Labyrinth

Dragon Nest Labyrinth


Dragon Nest Labyrinth is a mobile fantasy MMORPG app game developed Eyedentity Games. Dragon Nest labyrinth is currently only available to download for Android users, an iOS version of the game has yet to be announced. The development of the game was greatly inspired by the original PC game – Dragon Nest, a popular fast-paced action MMORPG also developed by Eyedentity. Dragon Nest Labyrinth features thrilling action-packed combat where players get to experience the world of Dragon Nest on their mobile devices. Players will get to fight alongside familiar heroes on a journey to defeat the guarding dragon.


  • Publisher: Actoz Soft
  • Developer: Eyedentity Games
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Platform: Android, iOS-TBA
  • Genre: Fantasy, Anime
  • File Size: 31MB
  • Free: Yes
  • PVP: Yes
  • Cash Shop: Yes


  • Players can play as a single player or on real-time multiplayer with friends via a wireless network. By setting your friends’ characters to be party members, they can help you even when they are not online.
  • In Dragon Nest Labyrinth, players can turn acquired items into ingredients for any special items they really want. With the implementation of this system, there is no need to decide whether to pick up or discard any unnecessary items. Players can pick up any item, knowing it can be used for something useful later.
  • All players get their own village when they first start the game. They can chum out production bt farming,mining, and fishing in the village, or level up by training in a training school. There are a variety of other attributes you can improve as well and like other social games, players can also interact with friends by visiting and helping out in their villages.
  • Dragon Nest Labyrinth offers an in-depth character customization options, players can change the appearance of their character, choose from over 40 different skills, and collect over 500 items and equipments. Dragon Nest Labyrinth’s gameplay is fast-paced, players can hack-and-slash their way through challenging dungeons where they can earn valuable loot.


  • Warrior – A powerful class that leads the battle with his high defense, high strength, and aggressive battle prowess.
  • Archer – Uses ranged weapons such as arrows to deal precise damage to enemies for afar.
  • Cleric – A melee class that casts various buffs to enhance the abilities of party members in battle.
  • Sorceress – A class the uses fire, ice and electric magic to deal devastating AOE damage to her foes.




Dragon Nest Minimum System Requirements
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Size: 31MB


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    or where can i download it someone tell me where at how can i find and download it

  4. Why cant log in my google said make no response network -.-

  5. When exactly is this game gonna be released? It has been almost 2 months since they ended beta. I think this game never got the license from eyedentity..:(

  6. dont worry i fix it!!!

  7. how to download this app?

  8. im using jellybean andriod. is it compatible? cant find the game in google play

    • Im using jellybean and it WAS working fine for me. The game isn’t available on google play anymore as it ended its testing phase. I heard rumors on their FB page that it will go live soon.

  9. Error patching! Love this game but when the patch is done it will force the game to close. I can’t play the game, they need to stabilize their future patches.. so sad

  10. Ios please!! I need this in my life

  11. how bout for IOS user?

  12. I thought its available on IOS

  13. I can’t download this game 🙁

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