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Bonga Online is a brand new free-to-play MMO game available to play on iOS and web browser. In this browser game, you take on the role of the friendly island spirit in order to help the bongies to design their new home. Bonga Online offers a variety of gameplays, wherever you have Internet-enabled computer with Flash installed, you can login into the browser game and play online…


  • Build and Plant – Bonga Online is a peaceful and relaxing browser game. Why don’t you visit your bongies after work just to build, gather resources to new buildings, to feed your bongies or to plant palm trees? In Bonga Online you can mix cocktails, go fishing and make pottery. Just the right browser game for a cozy evening, without any stress or violence.
  • Social Features – In Bonga Online, there are also some social features that make the game even more interesting. Invite your friends for free and let them take a part in this browser game. Your friends can also become a godparent for your new bongies. Build the egg of life and conjure the ancestors to fill the egg with life. After that you can ask your friends to become a godparent and already you’ve got a new bongi included in your tribe.
  • Innovative Leveling System – Experience points: In this free browser game, you can collect experience points. With each successfully conducted action of bongies you get suns, which you can collect in order to reach the next level of experience. In each experience level, you’ll always get a little more energy and your bongies gradually get used to it.


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Bonga Online Minimum System Requirements


  • Publisher: Intenium
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Platform: Web Browser
  • Genre: Medieval
  • File Size: No Download
  • PvP: No


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